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The by Lassen – Mingle Sofa was designed in 1935 by architect Flemming Lassen (1902-1984) and was presented at The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition in the same year.

Product Information about by Lassen – Mingle Sofa:

Design: Flemming Lassen 1935


  • Hight 79cm
  • Wide 152cm
  • Depth 68cm
  • Seat height 45 cm
  • Seat depth 58 cm
  • Leg height 15 cm

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  • Smoked Oak
  • Natural Oak

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About the Design: by Lassen Mingle Sofa

It was subsequently praised for its qualities as a small but elegant sofa in the professional journal “The Architect”. Flemming Lassen loved to travel, and he was often inspired by his journeys throughout Europe. He was very taken with both Italy and France, and had a burning desire to tour those countries on his motorcycle. Flemming Lassen wanted to create a sofa made for conversation with a comfort that invited people to stay seated and talk together for long periods of time. The armrests were designed to encircle the sitters, generating intimacy and transforming the sofa into a cosy place to relax. Flemming Lassen took inspiration from both French elegance and modern Italian style, and transferred the trends and his own ideas to a small, upholstered sofa called Mingle.

The Brand

For brothers Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) and Flemming Lassen (1902-1984), there was never any doubt that they would become architects. They were born into an artistic family and the ability to create came to them naturally. While other neighbourhood boys played with toy cars, the brothers spent their time surveying buildings and sketching them. They were born to be architects and they both took on their roles with pride.

Although the final goal of becoming recognised architects was crystal clear for both Mogens and Flemming Lassen, the path to reach that goal was not without obstacles. Mogens Lassen had dyslexia, and he longed to begin his career as an architect. Money was also tight, and both brothers would find themselves taking an alternate route to architecture rather than graduation from the Royal Academy. But their talent was profound and both of them would secure apprenticeships that rapidly brought them renown. Later, both Mogens and Flemming Lassen would achieve great honours, gain acceptance in the academic architect circles, and garner a lifelong wealth of awards and recognition for their work within design and architecture.

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Smoked Oak,  Natural Oak

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