Caravaggio Read Wall Lamp

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The Caravaggio Read Wall Lamp by Light Years is based on the well-known Caravaggio™ shape, Cecilie Manz has created the wall lamp with clean lines that is refined and above all functional.

The classic shade is installed on a flexible tube that makes it possible to tilt and direct the light. The lamp can also be rotated 180 degrees, making it suitable for any room, for example living room, kitchen or bedroom. The switch is placed discreetly at the bottom of the wall bracket. The Caravaggio Read Wall™ has three narrow slits at the top of the shade that allow light to pass through. The metal lamps give a soft and targeted light, while the opal lamps sends out a warm, diffused light. Caravaggio Read wall™ lamps are available in white, light grey (grey25™), black matte paint and a hand-blown opal glass variant. The neutral colouring makes it possible for the lamps to blend timelessly into their surroundings wherever they may be.

Product Information about: Caravaggio Read Wall Lamp

Designer: Cecilie Manz


  • White matt lacquer
  • Grey matt lacquer
  • Black matt lacquer
  • Hand-blown Opal glass, white matt lacquer


  • 1,5 m. Cord

Delivery: 1-2 weeks

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White matt lacquer, Grey matt lacquer, Black matt lacquer, Hand-blown Opal glass, white matt lacquer

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