Carl Hansen CH25 Lounge Chair

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The Carl Hansen CH25 Lounge Chair has been designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1950 and is a classic chair and a real Scandinavian icone.

Product information about Carl Hansen CH25 Lounge Chair:

Design: Hans J. Wegner


  • Hight 73cm
  • Wide 71cm
  • Depth 73cm
  • Seat Hight 35cm
  • Height of Armrest 55cm

Material: Solid woodCarl Hansen WalnussCarl Hansen Eiche

  • oak
  • smoked oak
  • walnut


  • soaped
  • laquered
  • oiled
  • white oiled
  • CHS colour black

Seat: paper cord

  • natural
  • black

The seat and backrest are hand-woven from over 400 meters of paper cord in a unique pattern – a step that takes about 10 hours per armchair. The braid is available in natural (unbleached) or black.

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Delivery time:

6 – 8 weeks

Hans J. Wegner und der CH25 Chair:

Designed in 1950, the CH25 Lounge Chair was one of the first four chairs Hans J. Wegner created especially for Carl Hansen & Søn within his first three weeks with the company. The CH25 Lounge Chair has remained tremendously popular and in continuous production ever since.

However, it was a bit of a revolution when Hans J. Wegner designed the CH25 Lounge Chair. It is ambitious and bold in its sculptural shape. Wegner’s choice of woven paper cord for the seat and back was unheard of at the time. Paper cord was actually a substitution material used during the war.

It takes a skilled craftsman 10 hours to hand weave the seat and back of this chair in a unique pattern using approx. 400 meters of paper cord.The paper cord is availabe in natural or black.

About the brand, Carl Hansen & Søn:

Carl Hansen opened his furniture workshop in Odense, Denmark in 1908 and soon became known for the high quality of his work. In the early days, the company produced bespoke furniture – including everything from dining room sets to bedroom suites. As the company grew and times changed, however, it gradually began to produce smaller series of its most popular pieces. This combination of hand craftsmanship and rational series production soon became the firm’s hallmark – and continues to set it apart today.Until the middle of the 1940s Carl Hansen & Søn cooperated with Frits Henningsen, a famous Danish architect. Frits Henningsen designed a series of Windsor chairs whereof Carl Hansen & Søn produced some of the models until 2003.

There is nothing “throw-away” about our furniture. The lasting beauty of the designs has been tested by the varying tastes of several generations. Their workmanship has stood the trials of everyday use since 1950. And they are still going strong.

Sustainable materials

At Carl Hansen & Søn, we first and foremost produce wooden furniture which is designed to last for generations. A natural part hereof is using materials of highest possible quality.

All wood used by Carl Hansen & Søn is hardwood purchased from responsible sawmills with whom we have long, established relationships. Due to the design and quality of our products, we only use new wood – never recycled wood.

We use oak, beech and ash mainly from Danish forests which are managed according to the Danish Forest Act (latest edition 2004). This law promotes sustainable forestry incorporating ecological, social and economic considerations. The law also stipulates that indigenous wood supplies must not only be sustainable, but, by law, also increase in a managed way. We also use walnut and American Cherry for selected models. These wood types are sourced from American forests.

Many of the chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner are made with paper cord. Paper cord is made of paper from sustainable Swedish forest. All paper cord is biodegradable and can be incinerated after use.

For our soap treated wooden furniture we use 100% natural soap based on pure vegetal oils. Our oil treated wooden furniture is treated with oils based on plants oils. These materials do not emit gases of any kind after they are applied.

Important Information:

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Additional information
Type of Wood

Oak, Smoked Oak, Walnut


Soaped, Laquered, Oiled, White Oiled, Black lacquered

Type of Cord

Nature Cord, Black Cord

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