LOP Furniture Troll Sofa


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The LOP Furniture Troll Sofa is a unique piece of design, inspired by the Scandinavian fairy tales of dwarves and trolls in the cold winter days!

Designer: Eva Paarmann & Oluf Lund

Size: H68 x W135 x D85cm

Material: Steel Frame and oak wood, biological sheep wool and cow leather

Every Troll Sofa is being produced by Oluf Lund himself in Demark with natural products making every piece of his collection truly unique.

LOP Furniture is consisting of two designer, Eva Paarmann and Oluf Lund. They mix different kind of elements from the past and modern contemporary influences, without following guidelines or getting blinded by market trends. The designers mostly get inspired by fantasy and innovation with a strong highlight on craftmanship, quality and service. LOP Furniture are products that are different and sometimes even weird, but they always stay functional and comfortable.

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Nordic Urban is the official German partner of LOP Furniture and is guaranteeing for the quality and authenticity of every products. Besides this product we offer a wide variety of Scandinavian furniture, lighting and accessories. Nordic Urban in Berlin, your expert for Scandinavian design!

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