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The Naver Collection Point GM9942 / GM9952 oval table with extension belongs to the Point dining table series and was designed by Nissen & Gehl.

Designer: Nissen & Gehl MDD

Variants: ( all variants have standard mechanism for up to 2 extension leafes )

  • GM9942: 200x100x74cm
  • GM9952: 240x120x74cm

Dimensions: leg spacing side 114cm, ends 47cm ( with extension 134cm, 51cm )

Material: solid wood ash, oak, walnut, laminate white, laminate black (tables with laminate have legs and table edges stained black)

 Zubehör: With or without steel feet

Weight: 44kg / 63kg

You can order the additional plates and an extra extract for more additional plates directly from us by email to ( massiv wood, MDF black or laminat)

The Point series is a series of tables with very soft and organic shapes, which are underlined by the tapered table legs. The table legs are used for all tables in the series and are available with or without a stainless steel tip.

The many possible variations of the tables in the Point series allow the most diverse forms of expression. The Point tables are available in white / black laminate, ash, oak and walnut. Each type of wood and design with its own expressiveness.

Naver Collection is a relatively young company that was founded in 1995. Naver Collection has set itself the task of designing a unique furniture collection in a modern design language and with the highest level of craftsmanship. A guiding principle that is of the highest priority for the company even today.

Important Information:

If you have general questions about the products of the Naver Collection or are interested in a larger order, you can of course contact us directly by email: or

Nordic Urban is the official German partner of Naver Collection and guarantees the authenticity and quality of each product. In addition to these products, we offer a wide range of Scandinavian furniture, lighting and accessories. Nordic Urban in Berlin, your expert for Scandinavian design!

Additional information

GM9942: 200x100x74cm, GM9952: 240x120x74cm

Type of Wood

Ash oiled, Ash white oiled, Ash lacquered, Ash soaped, Ash black stained legs, Oak oiled, Oak white oiled, Oak lacquered, Oak soaped, Oak black stained legs, Walnut oiled, Walnut lacquered, laminat white black stained legs, Laminat black, black stained legs


without steel feet, with steel feet

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