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“Our vision is to unite the finest craftsmanship traditions with modern and classic interior aesthetics unceasingly seeking new horizons”

  dk3 is a Danish design furniture company established in 2009. Our collection combines exclusive classic and contemporary furniture from great Danish architects and designers such as Jeppe Utzon, Kaare Klint, Børge Mogensen, Poul Cadovius and others. We create furniture pieces shaped and crafted by true enthusiasts, always with the ambition to unite the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classic furniture design through the fusion of timeless steel or brass and high-quality wood. The love for organic material and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the entire process, from the first design sketches to the manufacturing in the carpentries, where most pieces are finished and surface treated by hand.


Nordic Urban – Berlin offers the complete assortment of dk3:

Storage: Royal System | System Ultra | System Cado | Cadovius Butterfly Shelf | Grand Sideboard | Raba Sideboard |

Chairs: Pia Chair | BM1 Chair |BM2 Chair | Church Chair | Steel Copilot Chair | Steel Copilot Bar Stool |

Dinning table: Ten Table | Tree Table | dk3_3 Table | Corduroy Table | Jewel Table | Lowlight Table | Highlight Table | Jeppe Utzon Table #1 | Less Is More Table | Shaker Table |

Coffe- and Side table: Konno Coffee- & Side Table | Plateau Coffe- & Side Table | Tree Coffee Table |