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House of Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl, the designer and architect behind the brand House of Finn Juhl, designed furniture with the human body in mind and stood out from his midcentury architect peers in Denmark as well as the rest of Scandinavia. Rather than thinking in terms of practical construction, Finn Juhl had the mindset of a sculptor, when he shaped a piece of furniture. With this approach he created pieces like the Pelican, the Poet sofa, the Chieftain Chair and the 45 Chair which today have become icons of the Danish Modern design tradition. When relaunching iconic Finn Juhl furniture we have to put ourselves into his mindset and aim at understanding his design philosophy. It is all about feeling. One cannot make his furniture just by having the technical and commercial approach. You have to be extremely critical of what you do, because there is no bottom line when it comes to Finn Juhl. This is why we use high quality materials, mainly from natural origin and manufacture the furniture at our own wood – and upholstery workshop in Denmark and with our partner in Japan.

“Art has always been my source of inspiration. I am fascinated by shapes which defy gravity and creates visual lightness.”  – Finn Juhl –


Nordic Urban – Berlin offers you the complete assortment of House of Finn Juhl:

  • Lounge Chairs:
    Pelican Chair | Pelican Chair w/ buttons | France Chair | Japan Chair | 45 Chair | Chieftain Chair | 48 Chair | Grasshopper Chair |
  • Sofas:
    Poet Sofa | Little Mother Sofa 2-seater | Little Mother Sofa 3-seater | 46 Sofa | 48 Sofa Bench | Baker Sofa | 57 Sofa | Wall Sofa | Japan Sofa | Chieftain Sofa | 53 Sofa | 77 Sofa 2-seater | 77 Sofa 3-seater |
  • Chairs:
    46 Chair | 108 Chair | 109 Chair | Egyptian Chair | Reading Chair | Reading Chair w/seat in veneer |
  • Coffee tables:
    Pelican Table | Eye Table | Cocktail Table | Ross Coffee Table | 500 Table | Table Bench | Tray Table | Butterfly Table | Art Collector’s Table |
  • Dining table | Desks:
    Silver Table | Nyhavn Dining Table | Nyhavn Desk |Bovirke Table
  • Sidebords:
    Glove Cabinet | Sideboard |
  • Storage:
    Panel System |
  • Rugs:
    Circle Rug |