Sibast Furniture

Sibast Furniture

“Helge Sibast grew up and became his fathers apprentice. He worked hard, dedicated and soon developed skills of high quality craftsmanship. He took over his fathers business and began expanding. Thinking about craftsmanship in a new way. He had a natural sense for challenging wood as a material and began creating his own designs.

By the 1950’s and 60’s he had created a furniture factory employing over 120 craftsmen crafting some of the finest furniture in Danish design history. The furniture was sold around the world. The company was called Sibast Furniture. That man was my grandfather.

Helge Sibast passed away in 1985 and Sibast Furniture was no longer in our family. A great adventure had come to an end.

The years went by, and one very inspiring day in the autumn of 2012, I together with my wife Anna Sibast discovered a forgotten beauty designed by my grandfather in 1953 – the chair Sibast No 8.

It was too unique to let go. And we decided to re-launch the Danish Design Classic. And by what other name could we do it than the name Sibast Furniture. Our journey had begun.”

– Anna Sibast –

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Nordic Urban – Berlin offers the complete assortment of Sibast Furniture:

  • Chairs
    Sibast No 7 DINNING | Sibast No 8 CHAIR | SIBAST SUNRISE No 8 |
  • Bar chairs
    Sibast No 7 BAR |
  • Lounge Chairs
    Sibast No 7 LOUNGE |
  • Tables
    Sibast No 2 TABLE| Sibast No 3 TABLE |
  • Side Tables
    Sibast No 1 SIDE TABLE