Heidi and Anders Wiinberg love the old traditional Danish craftmanship which produces high-quality furniture with outstanding designs and details.

The family owned company has been established in 2008 with the goal to live out the Scandinavian designs and way of living and spread this idea all over the world. The company is well-known for its dining table Riverstone, shelve system Teve and Lissau. All of them are available in different kind of wood, treatments and sizes.

Today they give young designer and architect the chance to prove how beautiful and simple Danish design can be. New and modern elements are introduced without forgetting about traditional craftmanship that its based on. The tight cooperation between suppliers, designers and the customers allow a new way of creating furniture.

All products are produced in Demark and shipped worldwide. Every Wiinberg product is designed to be transported with a minimum of wasted space in the boxes. This does not only make their products competitive world wide, but also ensures a minimum impact on the environment.

Every Wiinberg product in our shop

Nordic Urban is offering the whole collection of Wiinberg:

Products: Riverstone, Teve, Lissau

Product Groups: Tables, Shelves, Shelve Systems

Designer: Anders Huus, Henrik Lissau


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