Kay Bojesen Monkey

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The Kay Bojesen monkey of teak and limbah wood is well known in Scandinavia and a true classic of wooden figures.

Product Information about: Kay Bojesen Monkey

Designer: Kay Bojesen, 1951


  • Mini Monkey (launched 2017)
    • H 9,5cm
    • 0,02kg
  • Small Affe (launched 1951)
    • H 19cm
    • 0,4kg
  • Medium Monkey (launched 2014)
    • H 28,5cm
    • 1,2kg
  • Large Monkey (launched 1951)
    • H 46cm
    • 2,25kg


  • Teak and limb wood
  • Oak and maple (Little Monkey)
  • Oak and Smoked Oak (Little Monkey)

Give something that will last a lifetime.

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Product Information About: Kay Bojesen Monkey

The design of the monkey by Kay Bojesen:
Kay Bojesen’s monkey was born in 1951. A little boy with a great personality who has become an icon for a very special person. For baptism, as a graduation present or for the wedding. A classic and loyal friend who accompanies you throughout your life – from the nursery he becomes a beloved design icon in your own home.

Kay Bojesen kept his childish curiosity and joy until his last breath. He died at the age of 72 and left a significant legacy as a designer. An inheritance protected by his four grandchildren today.

Discover the great universe of Kay Bojesen – which brings joy worldwide!

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Teak & Limba, Oak & Maple, Smoked oak and oak

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