At our first meeting with you, we listen to you and feel the basic mood of your apartment or company in order to work out a common basic plan with you.

After the meeting, we will then prepare an offer for you, according to your ideas of facility, size and budget. In the case of companies, the industry and the location and environment are also included.

If you accept our offer, we will start analyzing your living space. business area, both theoretically and practically. We then create a room plan in connection with a profile tailored to your needs, which we have discussed with you beforehand. This profile provides a much better picture and a clear overview of the project.

In addition to the installation plan, we create various design proposals for you. If desired or necessary, we will also be happy to draw up a schedule to guarantee the fastest possible realization with fixed, low prices.

The conversion is up to you. Of course, we are happy to support you if you wish to stay on schedule and carry out quality controls. Nordic Urban will also be happy to make you a special offer for the furniture, lighting and any other furnishing and decorative elements.

We would be happy to arrange a free initial consultation with you. In this we can respond to your individual wishes and needs.

The goal is to create a cohesive design.

Contact us today for an informal chat. We are looking forward to your visit.