Kay Bojesen Rocking Horse


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The Rocking Horse has been a member of Kay Bojesen’s family of wooden animals since 1936. For years, children have set off at a gallop in pursuit of distant imaginative horizons. For christenings and birthdays – a design icon that is handed down through the generations and is remembered as a gift from a very special person.

Designer: Kay Bojesen, 1936

Measurements: H56cm x W20 x D 85cm

Material: beech wood

Amount: 1 piece

The rocking horse has been a part of Kay Bojesen’s wooden animal family since 1936. Children have been sitting on the horse for years and dive into their fantasies. For the baptism or as a birthday present for the youngest family member – a design icon, which is passed on for generations to whom one can remember as a gift from a special person

Kay Bojesen kept his childish curiosity and joy to his last breath. He died at the age of 72 and left a significant legacy as a designer. A heritage that is now protected by its four grandchildren.

Discover the great universe of Kay Bojesen – a world of fun!

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