Kay Boyesen Soldier


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Kay Bojesen had many talents and a wonderful imagination. He worked diligently to create design lines that, in his own words, smiled. This special talent has created a magical universe of wooden animals and figurines that have become treasured classics the world over.

Designer: Kay Bojesen, 1942

Variants: Height 22cm

  • Flag carrier
  • Drummer
  • Soldier with rifle

Material: beech wood, lacquered

Amount: One piece

The inspiration for this product is provided by one of the Danish national symbols on the Amalienborg castle site. Kay Bojesen created his hand-painted guards in 1942. The drummer, the flag carrier and the soldier with his rifle are proud representatives of the high-quality Danish design. A beautiful gift idea for children and adults, which can be kept and carried on for generations. Kay Bojesen kept his childish curiosity and joy until his last breath. He died at the age of 72 and left a significant legacy as a designer. A heritage that is now protected by he’s four grandchildren. Discover the great universe of Kay Bojesen – a world of fun and colors. 

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Nordic Urban is the official German partner of Kay Bojesen and is guaranteeing for the quality and authenticity of every products. Besides this product we offer a wide variety of Scandinavian furniture, lighting and accessories. Nordic Urban in Berlin, your expert for Scandinavian design!

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Flag Carrier, Drummer, Soldier

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