Light Point – NoHo Wall Lamp

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The Light Point – NoHo Wall Lamp is designed by Ronni Gol and creates a graphical and indirect light for indoor and outdoor use.

Product Information about Light Point – NoHo Wall Lamp:

Design: Ronni Gol


  • NoHo W1
    • Wide 12cm
    • Hight 12cm
    • Depth 4,4cm
  • NoHo W2
    • Wide 20cm
    • Hight 20cm
    • Depth 6cm
  • NoHo W3 
    • Wide 30cm
    • Hight 30cm
    • Depth 7,6cm
  • NoHo W4 
    • Wide 40cm
    • Hight 40cm
    • Depth 9,2cm
  • NoHo W5
    • Wide 50cm
    • Hight 50cm
    • Depth 11cm


  • Aluminum powdercoated
    • white
    • black
    • gold


  • build in LED
    • Model W1 – 5Watt
    • Model W2 – 7Watt
    • Model W3 – 9Watt
    • Model W4 – 15Watt
    • Model W5 – 18Watt
  • Variation black and white – Secure IP54 (Outoor use possible)
  • Variation gold – secure IP20 (only indoor use)

Amount: 1 piece


Delivery time:

2-4 weeks

About the Noho Wall lamp Design:

The Light Point NoHo wall lamp convinces with a simple design with the light in the foreground. The wall is illuminated gently and indirectly, creating a soft light image. The wall lights are a true classic of Scandinavian designs, both individually and in a group.

Light Point is a Danish lighting manufacturer and one of the leading designers for residential and office lighting as well as for outdoor use. For a few years, the brand has enjoyed great popularity in Europe and Asia.

Light Point’s designs are characterized by a simple and functional expression, in which the high craftsmanship is clearly evident. In particular, typical Scandinavian colors are used and have recently been supplemented by gold varieties.

Important Information:

If you have questions about the products by Light Point or interested in ordering a bigger amount we ask you kindly to contact us directly by mail:

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NoHo W1, NoHo W2, NoHo W3, NoHo W4, NoHo W5


White, Black

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