Piet Hein Funco Table Lamp


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The Piet Hein Funco Table Lamp stands with its simple expression of time and emerges as a new, old classic. A stylish addition to your home. He added a personal touch like the twisted shade of the cone-shaped screen that emerges when the light turns on.

Produkt Informationen zur Piet Hein Funco Table Lamp:

Designer: Piet Hein


  • Cotton
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cable: black


  • E27 – max. 20W

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1 Woche

Funco and its funktions:

The screen can be angled so that the light will shine light in all directions.

The composition of the screen also makes Funco white when the lamp is off, while it gives a beautiful and lively two-colored light when the bulb is on. The elliptical on / off drag and the geometric round of the foot, refined, conceals a black dust line.

Piet Hein:

Piet Hein (1905-1996) – architect, mathematician, poet. He mastered it all and made Danish cultural life a little richer, a little prettier and a little more witty with his trademark line, his square head and his quirky language. A rare ability to bring poetry, geometry and design together in a harmonious design, where function and art is weighted equally.

It is the term we know Piet Hein, and it is the term that recurs in his exclusive design products? ranging from furniture to games and lighting markets. All are inspired by Piet Hein’s spirit, created from the finest materials with great care for detail.

Important Information:

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