Architect Made

The collection of Architect Made is including design products of Denmarks most famous architects like Joergen Utzon, Poul Kjærholms, Finn Juhl, Kristian Vedel and Peter Karpf.

The inspiration for designs is mostly created deep within the heart of architects at Architect Made before it get´s released and realised. Kristian Vedel for example took a very long time before he worked on his actual designs to create something truly unique that he wanted to share with the world.

All architects centered their designs around functionailty and aestheticality to create something that is easy to use and maintain. This process lead to a pure version of design in a most elegant form. This is the key factor for all products in the Architect Made collection, a modern Danish design.

Over many years, products found themself in the middle of tradition, modern elements and innovation which lead to a highly exclusive new of seeing things. Architect Made showed clearly that they follow trends, but always keep an eye on tradition.

Every Architect Made product in our shop

Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of Architect Made.

Products: Owl / Mermaid / Strit / Oscar / Duck and Duckling / Bird / Optimist and Pessimist / Circle Bowl / PK-Bowl / PK-600 / Turning Tray / Flipping Tray / FJ Clock / FJ Bowl / Gemini Candle Holder / Spring Glas / Child´s Chair

Product Groups: Toys / Bowls / Animals / Candle Holders / Glas / Chairs / Clocks

Designer: Poul Anker / Hans Boelling / Kristian Vedel / Finn Juhl / Poul Kjaerholms / Peter Karpf / Joern Utzon