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By Lassen is having the rights to produce designs from 2 well-known danish architects- Mogens Lassen ( 1901 – 1987 ) and Flemming Lassen ( 1902 – 1984 ). The brothers Lessen were highly talented and won many prizes for their unique designs and iconic architectures. By Lassen is a family company that has the goal to continue the heritage and produce excellent products and furnitures.

The architect Mogens Lassen is one of the most famous architects in Denmark. He´s regarded as a pioneer of danish functionalism and is well-known worldwide for his characteristic architecture. Most of his inspiration is coming from the Bauhaus design school which heavily influenced his work.

Flemming Lassen was a modernist that helped to bring the functionalism to Denmark. He´s famous for his cooperation with Arne Jacobsen and his work at the “House of Future” and the town hall “Søllerød. Moreover he designed furnitures as well.

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Wall Shelfs, leather straps, suspension belt

Candle Holder: Kubus 1/ Kubus 4 / Kubus 8/ Base to Kubus 4/ Base to Kubus 8/ Kubus Line / Base to Line/ Candles /

Decoration: Kubus Bowl small /  Kubus Bowl big / View mirror/ Frame Box/ Frame/ ML42 Stool/ ML42 counter/ ML 42 Bar Stool/ ML33 Fabric / ML33 Leather/ Mingle Sofa/ Twin Table 49 / Twin Table 35 / Twin Table 42.

Wallpaper: Linus Wallpaper / Flow Wallpaper

Shelf and Sidebords: Frame Boxes, Frame Box10, Frame Box14, Frame Box20, Frame Shelf System, Frame28, Frame35, Frame42, Frame49, / Frame Sideboard, Twin Bookcase big and small

Side Tables and Couch Tables: Twin Table

Poster / Interior Furniture: House Graphics Illustrate, Kunstdruck Functionalism house / Julsø/ Mogens Lassen’s own house/ House of the Future/ Illustrate Rahmen/ FL Funkius / Flow Pillow / View Mirror / The Tired Man Chair / Mingel Couch / Saxe Folding Chair

Product Group: Furniture / Chairs / Couch / Tray / Stool / Bar Stool / Counter Chairs / Mirrors / Shelves / Storage / Decoration / Bowls / Candle Holder / Boxes / Wall Shelves / Modular Shelves / Couch Tables / Side Tables / Pillows / Frames / Picture Frames / Pictures / Prints

Designer: Mogens Lassen und Flemming Lassen