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Erik Jørgensen, who originally trained as a saddler and upholsterer, found a workshop in Svendborg in 1954 to pursue his passion for furniture professionally. His knowledge of materials and sense of form gave him the possibility to create furniture that suited customer demands and needs. He was able to spot new market trends easily and was able to create a steady flow of work in his workshop. After a few years he started cooperating with Danish architects and designers to create new furniture
that combine art and usefulness in one. The sublime craftmanship and simplicity of his designs are key factors of his success.

Another key factor is Erik Jørgensen long-running partnership with highly skilled subcontractors in leather, cold-cured foam, wood and steel. Most of them are Danish, which anchors production locally, and the close dialogue between factory and subcontractors help to secure the high quality of the furniture.

Erik Jørgensen delivers to countries all over the world and is also being sold in our shop Nordic Urban in Berlin. The brand is associated with a sound aesthetic that is more than a passing fad. An aesthetic that rests on tradition and craftmanship, but which is also nurtured by innovative furniture designs by both young and more established designers.

Today, Erik Jørgensen A/S is run by Niels and Ole Jørgensen, and it continues to be driven by the same ambitions of renewal and quality.


Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of Erik Jørgensen.

EJ 2 Eyes Chair / EJ 2-W Eyes Wood Chair / EJ 2-T Eyes Wood Table / EJ 3 Eyes Lounge Chair / EJ 5 Corona Lounge Chair / EJ 5-C Corona Classic / EJ 5-S Corona Spectrum / EJ 10 Uma Lounge Chair / EJ 44 Lemon Lounge Chair / EJ 50 Lounge Chair / EJ 51 Lounge Chair / EJ 65 Couch Table / EJ 66 Couch Table / EJ 70 Chair / EJ 80 Chair / EJ 96 Apollo Lounge Chair / EJ 100 Oxchair Chair und Stool / EJ 101 Queen Lounge Chair / EJ 123 Toward Lounge Chair, Sofa and Daybed / EJ 141 / EJ 144 / EJ 170-172 Insula Base Table / EJ 180 In Duplo Sofa / EJ 185 In Duplo Sofa / EJ 188 In Duplo Sofa / EJ 190-F Stool / EJ 191-F Stool /EJ 190 – 198 Insula Tables / EJ 199 Insula Table / EJ 205 Flamingo Lounge Chair / EJ 220 Sofa / EJ 270 Sofa / EJ 280 Sofa / EJ 315 Lounge Chair / EJ 320 Spring Modular Sofa / EJ 320 Spring Moduarl Sofa / EJ 400 Apoluna Lounge Chair and Sofa / EJ 450 Delphi Modular Sofa / Ej 485 Bow Lounge Chair and Sofa / EJ 500 Lagoon Sofa / Ej 555 Frame Lounge Chair and Sofa / EJ 880 Savannah Lounge Chair and Sofa / 900 Pipeline Banksystem / EJ 2100 Global Bank / EJ 22100 Chair / EJ 4 Chameleon Chair / EJ 6 Yasmin Chair / EJ 142 Waves Daybed / EJ 2800 Seesaw /

Product Group: Seating /Tables / Childroom Furniture / Office Chair / Conference Chair / Informal Zones / Relaxing Zones / Lounge Furniture / Seating Systems / Catering Furniture / Dining Table / Leather Furniture / Cushion Furniture / Sofa / Hotel Furniture / Icone Furniture

Designer: Anderssen & Voll/ Anne Boysen/ Louise Campbell/ Morten Ernst/ Johannes Foersom/ GamFratesi/ Jørgen Gammelgaard/ Peter Hiort-Lorenzen/ Anne-Mette Bartholin Jensen/ Erik Ole Jørgensen/ Hiort / Gudmundur Ludvik/ Studio Hannes Wettstein/ Poul M. Volther/ Hans J. Wegner/ Hee Welling/ Hannes Wettstein