Form & Refine

Form & Refine

Form & Refine was founded in 2018 by Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen. Based on a shared vision to create a value-driven design brand that preserves the beauty of natural materials and exceptional craftsmanship through an exceptional design philosophy.

Believing in sustainability by choosing local materials in close proximity to local workshops, thereby reducing the CO₂ footprint. Using the Damsbo forest on the island of Funen in Denmark as a source of unique and beautiful Danish ash, maple and oak, Form & Refine is able to produce locally with the help of skilled craftsmen. The region of Alcobaça in Portugal is the source of the clay and ancient pottery techniques used to produce the ceramics.

With the conviction to guarantee the preservation of the craft through a positive social impact, collaborations with smaller workshops were created to facilitate fair and respectful partnerships. Form & Refine supports, among others, a cooperative of alpaca farmers in the highlands of Bolivia who have mastered the art of weaving.

Materials are the great passion, and the endeavor to find the purest materials of the highest quality to create long-lasting products. The pride, this sourcing of great materials, and the commitment to craftsmanship are reflected in the expression and quality of the products.

Through an awareness of social responsibility, Form & Refine creates fair and respectful partnerships. The belief in connecting people and worlds through the appreciation of working together to create social projects and extraordinary designs are at the heart of Form & Refine.


Nordic Urban Berlin Mitte offers the complete range of Form & Refine:

Blueprint Chair | Motif Armchair | Angle Foldable Stool I Angle Barstool 65 | Shoemaker Chair No. 49 | Shoemaker Chair No. 68 I Shoemaker Chair No. 78 I Lightweight Stool I Lightweight Bench I Position Bench 155 I A Line Storage Bench 111 I A Line Storage Bench 68 I A Line Laundry Box I A Line Shoe Rack 72 I A Line Shoe Rack 35 | A Line Mirror I Rim Wall Mirror I Rim Pinboard | Echo Coat Rack 40 | Echo Coat Rack 88 | Leaf Shelf 1×2 | Leaf Shelf 2×2 | Stilk Side Table | Trefoil Table Ø 75 | Frisbee Round Table Ø 120 | Damsbo Master Dining Table 245 | Extension Plates MDF, Damsbo Master Dining Table | Austere Trestle | Linear Tabletop  125×68 | Linear Tabletop 165 x 88 | Linear Tabletop 205 x 88 | Cross Cutting Board | Section Cutting Board  Round | Section Cutting Board Long | Section Wooden Bowl Ø 24 | Nest Cork Paper Bin | Alcoa Vase | Angle Hook | Arc Toilet Roll Holder | Arc Towel Bar Single | Arc Towel Bar Double | Aymara Cushion | Aymara Plaid | Aymara Hot Water Bottle