The Danish company Gejst has been nominated for the Design Award in 2014, even though it´s only 1 year old. The founder Niels Grubak Iversen and Søren Nielsen created a company that was a success right from the beginning.

The word “Gejst” is Danish and means enthusiam, a trait that both designers are having and something that some of us needs more of.

The industrial designer Niels and design engineer Søren worked together in a company and found out that they both share the same passion for furniture design. Soon they started there first company and created the first designs of Gejst. Due to their different kind of knowledge they were able to learn from each other and adapt new ways of creating furnitures. One of them was concentrating on the aesthetics of the products, the other one one the functionality. This way Gejst was able to create unique products that combine both aspects. Beautiful designs with a longevity functionality. Moreover all of their designs are created and produced in their home country Denmark. Furniture from Gejst are very popular among Danes and Scandinavians and are spreading across the globe.

Every Gejst product in our shop

They use natural materials like wood, leather, metal and concrete to produce unique contemporary designs. For example for their Transmission series they got inspired by wheels, gears and car parts during the time they worked for a car manufacturer. Another example is lamp series Biota which is heavily influenced by nature itself.

Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of Gejst.

Products: Underground Coat Rack / Transmission Kitchen Roll Holder / Transmission Cutting Boards / Transmission Butter boards / Transmission Toilet Paper Storage / The Gejst Biota Lamp / Gejst Biota Birch / Biota Opal / Biota Clear / Trick Table / Razzle Dazzle Cushions / Bridge storage system / Lean on me arm chair / Flex Shelvs system. construction candel holder Transmission Serving tray.

Product Groups: Lamps / Tables / Chairs / Sofas / Kitchen Accessories / Side Tables / Wall Shelf / Bookcase System / Trays / Candel holder / Salt and Pepper Mills / Arm chair.

Designer: Niels Grubak Iversen / Søren Nielsen