For almost 60 years, Getama has manufactured furniture designed by the famous and internationally awarded danish Designer Hans J. Wegner. Getamas line of furniture is highly acknowledged for its design, quality and durability and has become a collector´s item to many people and is still considered a best-seller at Getama.

In the beginning, Getama was specialized in seaweed mattresses and adapted quickly to fulfill demands and needs of modern customers. Today the produce and design spring mattresses, boxsprings and a large range of high quality furniture in contemporary design.

Getama is also offering auditorium and theatre seatings which are adapted to the hall or room they are placed in. This improves the seating comfort, gives a better view and listening quality.

Sitting well not only calms your body, but also your soul.

Every Getama product in our shop

Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of Getama.

Couch: GE 34 2-Seater Couch / GE 34 3-Seater Couch / GE 236 3-Seater Couch / GE 280 Modular Couch / GE 285 2-Seater Couch / GE 285 3-Seater Couch / GE 290 2-Seater-Couch / GE 290 3-Seater Couch / Century 2-Seater Couch / Century 2½-Seater-Couch / Century 3-Seater Couch / Mondial 2-Seater Couch / Mondial 3-Seater Couch / Vita Couch, 1204 und 1205/1935 Venus Bench

Chairs: GE 34, GE 284, GE 284A, GE 290, GE 290A, GE 370, GE 375, GE 460 Butterfly, GE 501, GE 501A, Century 2000 Mondial, Ring Chair, 2R Cloth Cloth, 2R Low, 2R Wood, 1200, 1201, 1202, 1936 Venus Chair, GE 881, GE 882, 2R Office, 525 Chair.

Tables, Dining Tables, Couch Tables: GE 686, 2R Paper, 2R Paper Extended, GE 12 / GE 80/86, GE 81/87, GE 82/85 / GE 83/88 / GE 465 / 2R Coffee / Mondial Coffee Table / Circle / 1206 / 1937 Venus Coffee

Daybeds, Sleeping Couch: GE 258 / GE 259 / GE 261 / Plus A Day-Bed / Plus B Day-Bed plus Pouf

Benches, Stools: Freude Bench, 2R Yin Yang, Prostyle Bank, GE 290s, 375s GE, 2R, 1203

Products Groups: Couch / Chair / Bed / Day Bed / Stool / Tables / Dining Tables / Couch Tables / Sleeping Couch / Benches

Designer: Hans J. Wegner, Nanna Ditzel, Bernt, 2R Rasmussen & Rolff, JO Christensen, O & M Design DE