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The Norwegian Hadeland Glassworks was established in 1762 and has since the beginning crafted the most beautiful mouth-blown glass lamps. With intricate patterns and different jewel-like colours, they combine a fantastic compositions of glass, light and colours. Hadeland Glassverk is well known for their high quality, and eye detail in Scandinavian light-design, this has made the company one of the best craft glass companies in the world.

Hadeland Glasverk’s prestigious crystal glass is made from a magnificent material that is flexible enough to be designed and made to order. They collaborate with designers, architects, interior designers and clients, while using the full skill set of the team of glass-artisans who handcrafts the most beautiful solutions.

As a result, the glasswork flourishes and the design team, continues to add to their core collections while pushing innovation and challenging the magnificent material.

Architects and Designers:
Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge | Marianne Haga Kinder | Renate Lorentzen | Lina Rincón | Anders Holmedal | Christina Skjevik | Jan Erik Sørumshagen

Product group:
Lighting, Mouth-blown glass, Norwegian glass


Nordic Urban is offering the whole collection of Hadeland Glasverk:

Light series:

Crystal Sphere Pendant collection: Unpatterned | Optic | Soda | Star | Crosses | Lines | Finn

The Archive Lights collection: Archive Light 4006 | Archive Light 4014

The gorgeous Drop series: Double Optic Grey | Double Optic Cocoa | Unpatterned Cocoa

The crystal ball lights: 7 pcs Crystal ball Soda | 15 pcs Crystal ball Clear Optic | Crystal Cone Pendant

Floor and table lamps: Vega table lamp | Senja table lamp | Austra table lamp | Table Archive lamp 4006 | Floor Archive lamp 4006