Holmegaard is a Danish glass manufactory producing hand blown and machine blown glass according to new and modern methods of production.

Every single piece of hand blown glass is unique, blown by a glass blower who is blowing the right amount of air through a tiny pipe to get the results that he is looking for. Products that are produced this way can be recognized by the Swan logo.

Glass that is machine blown has the same quality and elegance of hand blown glass. The machines are able to work with exclusive and special glass to create products that are unique and beautiful.

Every Holmegaard product in our shop

Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of Holmegaard.

Products: NO. 5 / Danish Glass /Ship’s Glass / Mixed Double Provence / Selandia / Shape / Reflections / Nordlys serie / Design with Light / Celebrate / Cocoon / 2Lips / JEB 65 / Karen Blixen / Lotus / MB Perfection / Fontaine / Future Northern Light Minima Fontaine Cabernet Charlotte Amalie / Idéelle / Shape und JEB 65 Vassen und Elegant classics.

Product Group: Table Lamps / Sleeping Room Lamps / Catering / Pendulum Lamps / Bathroom Accessory / Living Room Accessory / Office Accessory / Vases / Porcelain / Bowl Lamps / Standing Lamps / Outdoor Lamps / Decoration /

Designer: Alken & Bengtsson/ Anja Kjær/ Cecilie Manz/ Jacob E. Bang/ Maria Berntsen/ Maria Kariis/ Michael Bang/ Nils Grunnet-Jensen/ Peter Svarrer/ Rikke Hagen/ Tom Nybroe/ Torben Jørgensen