kosta boda

Kosta Boda is a Swedish glas manufacturer that was founded in 1742. The name originated as a mix of the founder´s name General Koskull and Stael von Holstein. The glas house is located in a small city called Kosta in the Swedish province Småland. The location is directly in the middle between Stockholm and Karlskrona and therefore has easy access to materials like wood.

During the first 150 years Kosta Boda was mostly know for the prodution of fine glas like windows and glas bottles, but also glas chandeliers. Most customers these days where royal families and wealthy merchants who could afford the pricy glasswares. Before Swedish craftman learned the trait of being a glass blower, they came from Böhmen, which is now a part of the Czech Republic.

The first designer that was connected to Kosta Boda was Gunnar G. Son Wennerberg in the year 1898. Since then a vast amount of designers enriched the glas collection of Kosta Boda. Seven designers are designing for Kosta Boda at the moment. Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Bertil Vallien, Kjell Engman, Anna Ehrner, Goran Wärff, Ludvig Löfgren, Ása Jungnelius, Karl Lagerfeld and Karim Rashid.

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Kosta Boda: Anna/ Atoll/ Basket/ Because/ Black Elements/ Blues Brains/ Brick/ By Me/ Cabana/ Cancan/ Caramba/ Catwalk/ Celebrate/ Chateau/ Connect/ Contrast/ Cupcake Speake/ Cool Moon/ Earth/ Energy/ Fidji/ Floating/ Flowers/ Friendship/ Happy Going/ Hatparade/ Headman Make Up/ Shoe/  Make Up Line/ Make Up Shoe/ Make Up/ Your Kitch/ Marker/ Mine/ Minelight/ Minelight/ Mirage/ My Wide/ Life / New Friends/ Open Minds/ Open Minds Orchid/ Snowball/ Still Life/ Sugar Dandy/ Tattoo/ Tellus/ The Band/ Two Of Us/ Two Sweet Hearts/ Ulla Underworld/ Vision/ Vivienne/ Difference/ Divine/ Dizzy/ Diamond/ Erik Friday/ Intermezzo/ Intermezzo/ Satin Nobel/ Optima/ Taste/ Youwe Chateau/ Jackie/ Line/ Sugar Dandy

Iris / Erika Lagerbielke

Mirage / Göran Wärff

Fortress / Bertil Vallien

Earth – On top / Bertil Vallien

Black Elements – House of mystery / Bertil Vallien

Oracle / Bertil Vallien

Gatekeeper / Bertil Vallien

Janus / Bertil Vallien

Rainbow / Göran Wärff

Out of sight / Markus Åkesson

Elvis Presley X Kosta Boda / Kjell Engman


Orrefors Sweden: Cubic/ Corona/ Amor/ Vincit/ Omnia/ Chimney/ Celeste/ Carat Beer/ Amour/ Armadillo/ Crazy Hearts/ Delight/ Difference/ Difference Discus/ Divine/ Drop/ Eko/ Enjoy/ Hotto/ Fashion/ Houston/ Ice Cube/ Intermezzo/ Intermezzo Satin/ Karl Lagerfeld KL/ Klone/ Legend Light/ Switch/ Menorah/ Mingus/ Orion/ Merlot/ More/ New York/ Precious/ Puck/ New York Nobel/ Quartet/ Pond Black/ Pulse Raspberry/ Street/ Sofiero Valentino Vase/ Tornado Votive/ Tornado Bowl/ Triangle

Product Groups: Glas / Blown Glas / Art / Art Glas / Cutlery / Bowls / Vases / Designer Glas / Candle Holder Glas / Table Decoration / Glas Sculptures / Cups

Designer: Åsa Jungnelius / Gunnar Cyrén / Jan Johansson / Anna Ehrner / Kjell Engman / Olle Brozén / Ulrica Hydman-Vallien / Ludvig Löfgren / Göran Wärff / Ernst Billgren / Ingegerd Råman / Lena Bergström / Malin Lindahl / Anne Nilsson / Karl Lagerfeld / Karim Rashid