The company history of LoCa starts in Herfølge, Denmark, in 1992. Engineer Thorkild Lundsgaard was renovating the room of his oldest daughter. His work was supposed to be finished with a beautiful hook bar. Unfortunately he couldn´t find anything in the local markets that was fitting his tastes of design. That´s the reason why he decided to go back to his own garage and start building one from the scratch himself. The prototype was just the beginning of a big process. Thorkild could feel that his design and his ideas could lead to something more and got in contact with the two designers Harrit & Sørensen. Together they designed a hook bar, that is known as “KNAX” today.

The design of it is still the same. A simple, but beautiful design made out of high-quality material. Only the hooks that are in use are pointing out of the bar. Minimalistic Scandinavian design.

At the beginning it was only available in black and white, but many colours were added during the last years.

Nordic Urban in Berlin is offering the whole collection of LoCa.

Products: KNAX / KNAX colour / HANX / KNAX-ZJUP

Product Groups: Accessories / Living Area / Furniture Hooks / Shoe Storage /

Designer: Harrit & Sørensen