lop furniture

LOP Furniture is consisting of two designer, Eva Paarmann and Oluf Lund. They mix different kind of elements from the past and modern contemporary influences, without following guidelines or getting blinded by market trends. The designers mostly get inspired by fantasy and innovation with a strong highlight on craftmanship, quality and service. LOP Furniture are products that are different and sometimes even weird, but they always stay functional and comfortable.

All designs are produced in Oluf´s old saw mill in Naarup Savværk on the island Fünen in Denmark. The most well-known design of them is the Lobster Chair, which is presented in a lot of Showrooms all over the world.

Every LOP Furniture product in our shop

Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of LOP Furniture.

Products: Catwalk Stuhl / Catwalk Bank / Catwalk Barstuhl/ Zeeen Chaiselong/ Zun Sessel / Armor Stuhl / Armor Bürostuhl / Missboss Büro-Schreibtisch und Smart Desk / Planken Tisch / Trold Serie – Trold Sofa / Trold Sessel / Trold Hocker / Trold Tisch / Zquare Lounge / Viking Stuhl / Wiking chair / Messy Kleiderständer / Dyvler eg / Holz-Brotkorb – Naarup Basket / Rocking Zoo Schaukel-Tiere / Ikonen Sessel und Hocker Shelly und Lobster / Skandinavian Design

Product Group: Seating / Tables / Child Furniture / Office Chair / Conference Furniture / Informal Zones / Relaxation Zones / Lounge Furniture / Seating Furniture / Seating Systems / Catering Furniture / Library Furniture / Kindergarten Furniture / Wood Furniture / Chaiselonges / Dinning Table / Benches / Seating Benches / Sofa / Desk

Designer: Eva Paarmann / Oluf Lund