Made with passion for timeless design, for premium quality and sustainability.
Made without sharp edges for a comfortable look and feel.
Inspired by Chinese philosophy to bring more balance to life.
Made for the day dreamers, party people and tea drinkers.
Made to enhance the time spent together and the time spent alone.
Made to enjoy the small and big moments of life, a morning coffee in the sun, an hour of meditation or an evening of coziness.

mindo is made for moments

Inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy, we focus on being present in the moment. We believe that creating comfortable spaces to unwind is important to staying balanced. That’s why
we encourage real-life social interactions without technology interrupting those special moments. Our designs are created with this in mind, with comfort being one of our highest priorities, along with durability. We use high-quality materials that are
We use high-quality materials that are selected for their durability, also supporting our goal of creating sustainable solutions. From the design phase to production, our team strives to provide the foundation for people around the world to create their own moments.

Nordic Urban Berlin offers the complete assortment of Mindo





Mindo 100 Corner Module | Single Module | 2 Seater Module left | 2 Seater Module right | Daybed Module Left | Daybed Module right | Daybed Module | Double Module | Mindo 100 Daybed | Armchair | Coffee Table Round large | Coffee Table Round small | Coffee Table Rectangular | Coffee table Square | Mindo 101 Dining Chair | Dining table Rectangular | Dining Table Round | Dining Table Square | Lounge chair | Cafe Table | Mindo 102 Bar Chair | Bar Table Rectangular | Bar Table Square | Mindo 103 Daybed | Mindo 104 Side Table | Mindo 105 Lounge Chair | Mindo 106 Sofa | Lounge Chair | Foot Stool | High Back Lounge Chair | Coffee Table Rectangular | Side Table with LED Light | Mindo 107 Daybed | 3-Seater Sofa | Lounge Chair | Coffee Table | Foot Stool | Side Table | Mindo 108 Pouf | Mindo 109 Side Table | Mindo 110 Plaids | Chushions | Rugs | Mindo 111 Dining Table Extension | Balcony Table | Bench Extension | Mindo 112 Dining Chair | Mindo 113 Lounge Chair | Side Table | Mindo 114 Dining Chair | Lounge Chair | Dining Table Oval | Dining Table Round | Mindo 115 Lounge Chair | Mindo 117 Bench