Piet Hein

Piet Hein has always been called a rationalist or idealist- a modern version of Leonardo da Vinci. In contrast to Leonardo there is a clear line in Piet Hein´s products, essays, scientific articles, poesy or his architecure that is making them unique and easy to recognize. He made Danish cultural life a little richer, a little prettier and a little more witty with his trademark line and his quriky language. It´s a rare ability to bring poetry, geometry and design together in a harmonious way, where function and art is weighted equally.

He is most famous for his superellipse forms in his design. This form is combining squares and circles and that of ellipse and rectangle. Within furniture design the superellipse also became the solution to various problems – especially in relation to Piet Hein´s design of tabletops the superellipse became popular. Besides his development of the superellipse he also has executed many other design commissions, from board games in wood to the elegant Sinus lamp.

Piet Hein is among the Danes which have received the most awards in the twentieth century and is the internationally best known Dane next to the physicist Niels Bohr and the author Karen Blixen.

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