The story of the Danish manufacturer PP Møbler begins in 1953. The brothers Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen have completed their training as carpenters and bought a small piece of land in Allerød to open a workshop with 8 other talented carpenters.

The rest is history.

PP Møbler is the most famous carpentry company in Denmark and delivers their products all over the world.

PP Møbler is all about quality. Since we contribute to meeting people’s needs for beautiful and functional things, quality makes a difference to us. In addition, it gives us both aesthetic and professional satisfaction to work with a designer.

The artisan’s contribution to creating beautiful, durable and well thought-out furniture makes you very proud. So that you can meet the high quality requirements, you have decided to have all the production under one roof at PP Møbler. Traditionally, you control all production processes in order to offer the highest possible quality standard.

Nordic Urban offers the whole collection of PP Møbler:



The Chinese Chair PP56 | PP66 | The Chair PP501 | PP503 | The Cowhorn Chair PP505 | The Valet Chair PP250 | Office Chair PP502 | The Bull Chair PP518 | PP701 | PP201 | PP203 | PP52 | PP62 | PP58 | PP68 | Conference Chair PP240

Lounge Chairs:
The Peacock Chair PP550 I PP521 | The Folding Chair PP512 | The Teddy Bear Chair PP19 | PP112 | PP105 | The Rocking Chair PP124 | PP129 | PP126 | The Circle Chair PP130 | The Flagline Chair JH106 | Slow Chair PP911 | Pot Chair PP26 | Tub Chair PP530 | The Flag Halyard PP225 | The Deck Chair PP524 | The Hammock Chair PP135

The Chinese Bench PP266 | Bar Bench PP589 | The Ordrupgaard Bench PP995

Cross Legged Table PP85 | PP726 | PP 752 | PP70 | PP 75 | On Board PP850 | Desk PP305 | Desk PP312 | Architect’s Desk PP571 | Tray Table PP35 | PP84 | PP33 | Fruit Bowl PP586 | Hang On PP961 | PP120

Product group:
Chairs | Easy Chairs | Daybed | Table | Desks | Sofa Table

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