Pudzy is a Danish design product that is partially produced in Denmark and Germany, following Danish animal protection laws and using high-quality materials.

All products from Pudzy are flexible furnitures which can be used in every room in the house and outdoors. They create a comfort zone wherever you are and invite to spend some relaxing moments in them. The furnitures are produced in a cooperation of furniture manufacturer and textile weavers in a classic Skandinavian design. The fabric is designed by the Danish designer Fanny Aronsen and produced in Denmark.

The form and function has been designed by desiger Malu Manzow and Alireza Shamsfard, the filling is coming from a Danish down factory and secures a quality seating comfort.

Pudzy always has two different expressions, a powerful and a less strong color composition on each side. Although it is a large piece of furniture, it doesn’t take too much space away and can easily be stored against a wall or as a piece of decoration.

Please visit our showroom Nordic Urban Berlin or our website to find out more about Pudzy.

Product Groups: Cushions / Furniture Cushions / Big Cushions / Seat Cushions / Sleeping Couch / Flexible Furniture / Couch / Chair / Baby Pillow / Children Playground / Outdoor Cushion / Washable Cushion / Stool / Berlin Cushion

Designer: Malu Manzow / Alireza Shamsfard