Since 1984, the brand Rosendahl is known for its functional and creative designs for an affordable price. Their philosophy is to design products that are used on a daily basis instead of special occasions. They should be used as a daily part of life and enhance every situation. Due to this, the products need to be very stable to fulfill these demands and be affordable.

Good design is created when creativity and structure is in balance. The design of Rosendahl is combining creative outlines with clear structured lines, fitting into the look of Scandinavian designs in general.

Rosendahl as a company is very proud to be able to ship Danish products into the whole world. That´s why they put a heavy emphasis on quality and craftmanship that the customer is expecting.

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Grand Cru, Grand Cru Soft, Grand Cru Outdoor, Karen Blixen´s Christmas, Arne Jacobsen, Picto: Serving Dish / Ice Cream Coupes / Salad Serving Set / Complete Cutlery Sets / Square Plate / Sqaure Serving Dish / Stemmed Serving Dish / Thermos Jug / Bread Basket / Butter Pat / Mug / Milk Jug / Spirit Glass / Glass Storage Jars / Salt Mill / Pepper Mill / Bread Knife / Wine Stopper / Wine Carafe / Bordeaux Glass / Oil Bottle / Ovenproof Bowl / Chopping Board / Cheese Knife / Mixing Jug / Tumbler / Wine Glass / Long Drink Glass / Brandy Glass / Thermal Cup / Teapot / Sauce Boat / Anniversary Thermos Jug / Dinner Fork / Dinner Knife / Dinner Spoon / Dessert Spoon / Teaspoon / Cake Slice / Serving Spoon / Cake Fork / Bowl / Sauce Spoon / Butter Pat / Snack Bowls /

Product Groups: Picto Clocks / Dishes / Cutlery / Tables / Cooking Equipment / Living Equipment

Designer: Rosendahl