Secto Design

Secto Design

Secto Design is a Finnish producer of high quality lamps in Scandinavia. Their love for details, lovely lighting and quality craftsmanship are clearly visible in every piece of art they produce. The designer Seppo Koho is already now a true icon of Scandinavian design.

Finns are know for not being the most urban people – most of them have their roots in the countryside for many generations. No wonder their personality is deeply connected with the nature, even a necessity of life. In the summer time they tend to head to their summer house and enjoy some time off deep in the woods. Trees and the wood, also called ” green gold” has been the treasure of Finnland and Scandinavia in general. Their most beloved tree is the birch. They are into bath whisks, firewood to keep them warm and as knotless veneer, also used to make Secto Design lamps by hand. These lamps will bring the Finnish harmony into your work or living space.

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Lamps: Secto 4201 / Octo 4240 / Puncto 4203 / Secto 4200 / Victo 4250 / Atto 5000 / Kontro 6000 / Magnum 4202 / Aspiro 8000 / Owalo 7000 / Secto 4231 / Secto 4230 / Owalo 7030 / Secto 4220 / Owalo 7020 / Secto 4210 / Owalo 7010

Products Groups: Lamp / Pendulum Lamps / Standing Lamps / Ceiling Lamps / Office Lamps / Table Lamps / Home Office /

Designer: Seppo Koho