Skriver Collection is a Danish company, which was established in 2007 by Jane Skriver. 

The company started out by selling exclusive design mats, but quickly became a successful design company, and she extended her collection with cushions, plaids and a new Outdoor series. These are produced in the finest water-repellent qualities. Skriver Collection is a design company that puts emphasis on design, subtle colours and quality.

Skriver Collection is known for beautiful textiles, and rugs for the modern home.


Skriver Collection designs reflect today’s trends in interior decoration and textile design.

The designer, Jane Skriver, finds great beauty in the nordic pure and simple lines. It shines through in her designs, where materials and small details step forward along with the product’s complete expression. Jane works with contradictions, and finds it exciting to get differences and contrasts that becomes one, through a stylish and gorgeous design. All aimed at the functional, creating value in everyday life.


To Jane, nature is a huge inspirational source – particularly in its colors and shapes. Jane gets inspired from her long walks in the woods and at the beach. In the design process, from the very first idea to the final product, many hours are spent on details, terms and color combinations. This means, that each collection matches one another, and characterises what Skriver Collection stands for; a simple and honest design, with a Scandinavian expression in a functional design.

Skriver Collection’s mats and cushions are manufactured with regard to the environment.