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The classic design:

For over 50 years now, Søren Lund is producing cushion furnitures and is mostly known for his modern and timeless couches. These ones are offered in a variety of colours, materials and leathers, always in regards to a high quality and good comfort. The furnitures are inviting and always an addition to every home or office space.

A Soeren Lund furniture was designed with functionality and aesthetic in mind on the basis of Danish designs. The result of this is a flexible couch system that offers a variety of possibilities. This gives the opportunity for the customer to turn the product into something special.

The Soeren Lund concept is based on two basic models with a different kind of seating hight and standard hights, which are also offered in special sizes.

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Couch and Seating: SL228 / SL280, SL282, SL580, SL088, SL088 / 6, SL090 Series, SL693 / 2.5, SL124 / SL329 / SL334 / SL340 / SL350 / SL125 / SL135, SL380, SL430 SL432 und SL271 / SL144 / SL374 / SL275 / SL165 / SL203, SL208, SL210 / SL212 / SL218 / SL219 / SL245 / SL270 / SL434 /SL130 / SL134 / SL202 / SL205 / SL931 / SL933
Stools: SL230, SL231, SL232, SL236, SL330, SL331, SL332, SL408, SL164, SL160 / 1, SL125
Tables : SL 2003 und SL2003

Product Groups: Seating / Tables / Child Room Furniture / Home Office / Office Furniture / Conference Furniture / Informal Zones / Relaxation Zones / Lounge Furniture / Seating Furniture / Seating Systems / Catering Furniture / Library Furniture / Dining Tables / Leather Furniture / Cushion Furniture / Hotel Furniture / Icone Furniture

Designer: Søren Lund