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Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.

These are Nordic traditions and the heritage of &Tradition. They aim to bridge these values to contemporary design, reshaping, redefining and reinventing materials, techniques and forms. Moreover they respect nature that provides the raw materials and create furniture and designs that are made to last.

&Traditiom pushes materials to the limit of their potential and reconsiders how they are processed to create a new aesthetic. Timeless beauty and quality that is born out of tradition and revolution.

Old and experienced Designers are given the chance to work with new talents to define future classics and create ground breaking icons of tomorrow.

All the Way to Paris | Arne Jacobsen | Benjamin Hubert | Flemming Lassen | Jaime Hayon | Kibisi | Mia Hamborg | Norm Architects | Sami Kallio | Samuel Wilkinson | Sofie Refer | Space Copenhagen | Studio Vit | Verner Panton | Victor Vetterlein | Anderssen & Voll | Thau & Kallio | Luca Nichetto | Edward van Vliet | Nendo & Luca Nichetto | Sebastian Herkner | John Astbury | Lex Pott | Kastholm & Fabricius | Andreas Bozarth Fornell | Harri Koskinen | Jørn Utzon | Signe Hytte | Hvidt & Mølgaard |

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Furniture | Chairs | Sofas | Couches | Tables | Stools | Bar chairs | Counter chairs | Mirror |Shelving |Storage | Dekoration | Wall shelfes | Modul | Coffee tables| Sidetables | Table lamps | Storage | Pendant lamps | Office accessoires|Dining tables | Lighting | Floor lamps| Wall lamps | Ceiling lamps | Office Chairs | Consulting chairs |


Nordic Urban is offering the whole collection of  &Tradition:


Chairs: Catch JH1 JH2 JH13 JH14 JH15 Catch JH16 Catch JH17 | Elefy JH28 HJ29 JH30 JH31 JH32 JH33 JH34 JH35 JH36 JH37 | In Between SK1 SK2 SK7 SK8 SK9 SK10 | Norm NA3 | Pavilion AV1 AV2 AV3 AV4 AV5 AV6 AV7 AV8 AV9 AV10 AV11 AV12 AV13 AV14 AV15 | Betty TK1 TK2 |Drawn HM3 HM4 |

Sofas: Boomerang HM1 HM2 | Littel Petra VB1 VB2 | Loafer SC24 SC23 SC25 SC26 | Mayor AJ5 AJ6 | Cloud LN1 LN2 LN3.2 LN4 LN5 LN6 LN7 | Develius EV1 EV2 EV5 EV6 EV7 | Isole NN1A – NN1G | Fly SC10 SC1 SC2 SC3 SC9 SC12 |
Tables: Fly SC4 SC5 SC11 | In Between SK3 SK4 SK5 SK6 SK11 SK12 | Patch HW1 HW2 | Nærvær NA9 NA10  NA12 NA13 | Drop Leaf HM5 HM6 | Pinwheel HM7 | Hoof SW1 SW2 | Lato LN8 LN9 | Palette JH7 JH8 JH 9 JH25 JH26 | Mezcla JH19 JH20 JH21 JH22 | Shuffle MH1 |

Accessories: The Moor AP5 AP6 AP7 AP8 | Amore SC49 SC50 | Sillon SH4 SH5 SH6 SH7 | Column JA1 JA2

Lighting: P376 KF1 KF2 | Fornell ABF1 | Blown SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6 | Passepartout JH10 JH11 JH12 | Milk NA1 | Formakami JH3 JH4 JH5 JH18 | Setago HJ27 | Bellevue AJ7 AJ8 AJ9 AJ10 AJ11 | Flowerpot VP1 VP2 VP3 VP4 VP7 | Topan VP6 | Mass Light NA5 NA6 | Utzon Lamp JU1 | Copenhagen SC6 SC7 SC8 SC13 SC14 SC15 SC16 |Spinning BH1 BH2 | Buld SR1 | Mega Bulb SR2 | Journey SHY1 SHY2 | Tripod HM8 | Lucca SC51 |