The Danish furniture producer Trekanten-Hestbæk A/S has been producing furniture since 1928 with a focus on Danish craftmanship and the use of sustainable materials. Products are being made with the concept of “Scandinavian Design”

At the moment Trekanten-Hestbæk A/S is offering 4 different production lines – Høffer, Arrebo, Jens Hansen and Hestbæk.

The Høffer series is consisting of chairs with an easy and simple, yet high-quality design with a great seating comfort. Arrebo is a series of dining tables, couch tables, folding tables and side tables designed by well-known Danish architects and loved by furniture enthusiast. The shelf systems by Jens Hansen are made in solid wood and belongs to the best in the world. It is the true work of a craftman, traditional and well produced in every detail. Hestbæk is offering a wide variety of daybeds and sleeping couch to relax, sit and lay or sleep on them. There is no need to compromise with this unique combination of bed and couch.

Especially the sleeping couch can be produced in a variety of ways – pick the type of wood, the treatment and size or colour, the upholstery and fabric – no wishes will be left unfullfilled.


Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of Trekanten-Hestbæk A/S:

Produktgruppe:  Day Beds, Sleeping Sofa, Sofa, Accessories, Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Dining Tables, Couch Tables, Folding Tables, Shelves, Shelf Systems

Produkte: Model 53, Model 57, Model 322, Model 333, Model 421, Model 422-A, Model 422-B, Model 422-C, Model 33, Model 145, Model 151, Model 152, Model 160, Model 183, Model 363, Model 415, Model 416, Model 417, Model 418, Model 78, Model 87, Model 83, Model 53S, Model Puf, Model H9 Tagesbett, Model 410, Model 409, Model Saxo, Model Klein, Model Net-Up, Model Net-Up Arm, Model 400, Model 410 411, Model 600, Model 610, Model 618, Model 712, Model 714, Model 735, Model 737, Model 800, Model 4115, JH massive Regale

Designer: Poul M. Volther, H.W. Klein, Kaj Høffer Larsen, Andreas Hansen, Mikkel Bahr, Tom Stepp, Dietlev Karsten