The Slice is like a signature for Lene Frantzen. She is designing and producing every single one herself by hand. The design is a mix of colours and patterns – simple and elegant at the same time.

Every product is created with the highest respect for the environment. The felt products are made out of 100% islandic sheep whool and are producted without the use of any chemicals. The tools used are unique to secure the sharp cute of the slice in the middle.

The Slices are produced in Denmark and sold in design sudios and showrooms all over the world. Lene Frantzen is also designing giveaways and unique interior designs like pillows and stools.

Lene Frantzen won many awards for her crafts:

2005 – Design Plus Award, New York

2005 – Best Craftmanship – ICFF

2005 – Danish National Arts Foundation Award

2006 – Design Award Germany

2009 – Danish Crafts Award

Every ZigZign product in our shop

Nordic Urban Berlin is offering the whole collection of ZigZign.

Product Groups: Seat Cushions / Coasters / Table Mat / Key Ring / Felted Puf / Felted Rugs / Felt Jewellery / Door Stop / Christmas

Designer: Lene Frantzen