Haslev Møbelsnedkeri A/S is a traditional Danish furniture manufacturer and is producing furniture for more than 60 years in high-quality craftsmanship.

Every single product by Haslev is produced only with the best parts of the wood and even though it is produced with modern technology, specialized craftsman are turning it into something even better. The sortiment is consisting of dining tables, couch tables, chairs and shelves that are part this production. Especially the tables which are made out of beech wood and movable parts belong to the classics of Scandinavian designs.

The use of wood in the production of furniture has a long time tradition in Denmark. The structure and the natural attributes of the wood stay the same even after the production and keep their shine and quality for many years. In reality furniture made out of wood get even more beautiful over time.

Every Haslev product in our shop

Nordic Urban in Berlin is the official dealer by Haslev Møbelsnedkerie A/S and is offering their whole collection:

Products: Sleipner / Ellipse / 800 Serie / 460 Serie / 470 Serie / 900 Serie / 500 Serie / Harmony / Symphony / 180 Serie / Monet / 400 Serie / Trio / Classic / 3500 Serie / Opus / Haslev Regale / Butterfly / 172 Serie / Pause / 171 Serie / 170 Serie / 150 Serie

Product Groups: Dining Tables / Couch Tables / Shelves / Chairs